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Ferrarini – Deli Meats

Premium Italian Deli that is gluten free, lactose free, free of starches, no artificial colouring or polyphosphates and low sodium so you can feel confident in the ingredients that you are eating.

Cooked Ham

Ferrarini Cooked Ham

Cured Ham

Ferrarini Cured Boneless Ham

Rosemary Ham

Ferrarini Rosemary Ham

Prosciutto Boneless Pressed

Prosciutto Crudo 18 months

 Prosciutto Crudo 24 months


We have recently become the Canadian distributors of a well known deli company from Italy Ferrarini. We have been working on this for quite some time and have been finally granted this opportunity. Until recently the line was only available through the United States because getting the product was too difficult and very expensive.

The deli not only tastes great but is also healthier than other products on the market. They have no nitrates added, are gluten free, lactose free and very low in sodium. In addition, they are also free of polyphosphates, milk protein and artificial colouring.

Ferrarini is one of the larger producers of deli in Italy. Their products are widely recognized throughout Europe and the USA. They are HACCP approved as well as IFS and BRC approved.


Begun in an ancient villa faced on fields, among green hills in Reggio Emilia, where today our Group owns its own seat. A story that still today keeps on with our brands power and that let us be one of most important European realties working in food area. For Ferrarini, High Quality means scrupulous selection of raw material, taking care to the meat colour, its consistency and its fat-lean relation. It means careful working, in boneing, in massage, so that the meat keeps on having its aroma and its characteristic perfume. High Quality means product total traceability guaranteed by strict controls and certifications.

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