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Barbera – Olive Oils

Manfredi Barbera & Figli S.p.A is one of the most cutting-edge oil producers in the international arena. The company produces excellent products, obtained and bottled following the highest food quality, health and safety standards.

High-quality olive oils by classical taste, the fruit of wise coupling of various types of olives from the most popular areas in Italy where olives grow. Delicious in salads, delicate in sauces and light in frying.


Barbera Olio Di Casa



The great care in selecting the area of origin of the olives and the extreme care in processing have led to the creation of unique oils suitable for all connoisseurs who know and appreciate the flavours and delights of good food.

  • • Castello di Resuttana
  • • Don Turiddu
  • • Baglio delle Saline
  • • Giardini del Paradiso
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